Rent a villa in Florence or rent a villa on Island Elba

Castle in the Tuscany
Castle in the Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most splendid regions of Italy. It is located in the middle part of the country and is famous for its beautiful landscape, its excellent wines and stunning architecture. You will indeed find the most different architectual buildings and styles and may wonder if there is a chance for you to rent a villa in beautiful Florence, which is the capital city of the country or maybe even rent a villa on Elba - the part of the country which is known for both its rough and lovely sides and was further the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Elba is a very famous part of Italy. As Elba is an hilly Island you will always find a windy breeze at Villa Elba. The buildings and villas for rent on Elba are shaped to brave the elements and they are therefore built with solid rocks and and angular roofs.

Still Villas on Elba are both elegant and comfortable and they are made for a perfect hideaway. If your favorite is either Villa Elba or Villa Florence your holiday in Italy and your experience with renting a Villa in Italy will be unforgettable.

Tuscany is simply very versatile and so are the many villas for rent in Italy. The possibilities to rent a villa in Florence or rent a villa in Elba are therefore up to your personal choice and taste. If you plan on a Florence villa rental you should wisely plan ahead as the city of Florence is very prominent and there are many others in line with you interested in spending exclusive holidays in one of the typical Tuscany Italy villas of that region.

Florence Villas reflect the taste of their proper owners and they are rich in picturesque details and little remarks of the luxury and modernity the City of Florence stands for. Florence was always a vibrant place economically and built its success on the stimulation of industry and trade in former times. There is no wonder that Florence Villas reflect this success and that they are showing the pride and special taste of the owner in all its details. This history is also part of you if you think of renting a villa in Florence.

Also if your interest is more decent and you want to discover not so much known parts of Tuscany you definitely like to withdraw, lay back and relax in other areas of the country and you may decide not to rent a villa in Florence or on Elba this time but decide for the Region of Spoleto in the province of Perugia which is located in beautiful Umbria. These Regions of Tuscany cover the whole beautiness of tranquility and they are absolutely made for you and your beloved ones if you are surching for Italian villas for rent that are individually built and situated yet still modern and fully comfortable in order to have the holidays of your dreams.

Nothing stands in the way of your personal luxury and recovery if you choose for example a holiday home in Umbria. This lovely region is known for its splendid landscape and mild climate. To rent a villa in Tuscany means that you are placed right on the spot of a historical scenery. The landscapes themselves have been left like nature shaped them. Therefore you have flowery hills and fields, as well as rocky parts and coasts in Tuscany. Especially Spoleto which is part of the province of Perugia and has not more than 40000 inhabitants is a place of tranquility and versatility. You will find places of interests and historical sites to visit while you are staying in a typically built Italian Villa for rent.

Nothing will cross your sight as you can overview the picturesque landscape from the balcony of your Italian Villa for rent if you made your decision for Umbria. Italian Villas for rent are located in Spoleto, Perugia. If this ancient and historical spots of Tuscany is definitely on your mind, why not take a look on the gallery of photos we prepaired on the site. Therein you can find famous churches, market places and bridges that have shaped these landscapes hundreds of years ahead.
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